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Aug. 21st, 2004 @ 03:40 am Eternity Is Forever
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Title: Eternity Is Forever: Book One - The Jewel Ch. 1
Rating: G
Warnings: This piece contains 1 deadly sin - Pride
Other Info: A Collaborative Writing Piece
Feedback: Welcome

“So, cousin, it looks like you’ll finally get a taste of what you always wanted, hmm?”

The Sea - Off The Coastline of Carthana

The Watcher’s head crested the foam-topped waves, shaking his head to rid his scales of the water that clung to them, as he flicked his reptilian eyes to the ship that rocked with the waves of the storm. The watcher snorted, steam rising from his muzzle. Bad enough the humans have started exploring the sea...but must they invade our hunting grounds as well?

A warrior surfaced beside him, obsidian scales flashing in the moonlight.

“Is this the human ship?” The Watcher nodded once, ears flicking in small circles to catch as much sound as he could over the roaring wind. There was the noise of the rain and the mighty waves that crashed against the formidable cliffs behind them as if they were determined to bring the rocks to their knees. Ahead of them, the creak and groan of the human ship, that protested against the treatment from the waves. Above the ocean din, they could hear the sound of the human crew yelling and singing off-key. The Watcher’s sensitive muzzle identified the acrid smell of the fermented beverage they drank. He gave another snort, full of disdain.

“Yes, that’s the ship.” The warrior nodded, diving back beneath the calm under the waves to report to the waiting squad beneath them.

Flicking one last glance to the ship, the Watcher dove as well, relishing the feel of his powerful tail as it sliced through the water as the salt-tinged liquid ran through his gills. It was a pity to destroy the art of the ship, even if it was supremely primitive. But they had the Jewel, so they had no choice.

The Watcher hated that he would not be party to taking back their clans treasure. His fate had been sealed the day he’d been born. Reaching the squad, he caught the words of the Head Leader of their clan, the Arnyths. Many clans of their race existed. Clans of Draknyth kind, but the Watcher knew, as well as others of their own ilk, that the Arynths were the largest and most powerful. Even watchers like himself could challenge and defeat warriors from other clans. Not that he had ever tried. To challenge someone higher in rank, even from a different clan, was frowned upon, and considered impolite. Smirking, he turned his attention to the Head Leader.

“Today we go, not to kill humans, but to retrieve the treasure most precious to us.” The Watcher hovered near the edge of the squad, eyes focused intently on their Head Leader. “For over five months now, the Jewel has been missing from its place in the High Temple in Avangourd.”

He was shocked. The others were as well, judging by the murmurs that ran through the crowd. But something puzzled him. If it’s missing and we’re going to fight the humans...then how did they get a hold of the Jewel? How? No human is supposed to be able to touch it! But for now, the time for talk had passed. If the Jewel stayed in the hands of the humans, who knew what powers would be granted them.

“There is one request I have, and it is not to be taken lightly, as it is a change in our traditions.” The Head Leader fixed his multi-faceted gaze directly upon the Watcher as he spoke, “In order to record this event, this re-claiming of our power, I ask that a Watcher accompany us on this mission to record and verify our deeds.”

The Watcher widened his eyes. In the past, watchers had always been looked down on, all they did for the clan was produce more watchers with lower-rank dams, and alert the warriors to invasions on their territory. Other than that, they were fairly useless. To be asked to accompany the warriors on a mission...

He flattened his ears against his head, bowing his head as low as possible. “You honor me, Head Leader. I will do my best to record what happens during the attack.”

The battle cry sounded, which echoed from the conch shell into the waves. On cue, the squad set off for the human ship, barely stirring the water, moving quickly and quietly. The Watcher hung back near the end, trying to contain his excitement. It’s just a recording of events...but to be able to come!

A soldier near the front column glanced over his shoulder and flashed him a toothy grin, dropping back towards him.

“So, cousin, it looks like you’ll finally get a taste of what you always wanted, hmm?”

Grinning back at the warrior, he nodded quickly. “Yes, Varyan, it looks like I will. I’m very pleased about this opportunity. I’ll be sure to feature you, especially. After all, you really are the best warrior our clan has!”

Varyan gave a deep chuckle, shaking his head. “Ah, Sargain, you wouldn’t do that to me, would you? Treat everybody fairly as you always do. The men will do enough damage to the actual tale when they return home to boast for the single dams.”

They both laughed. Neither of them had dams of their own, but as they were both fairly young, neither of them cared. Still, it’d be fun to brag and boast when they returned to their dens.

In the distance, Sargain spotted the underside of the ship. “Varyan, you should return to your post. To stay back here would insult your position.”

Varyan merely laughed, swimming back to the front.

Sargain had not lied when he said that his cousin was the best warrior in the clan. The humans would not know what hit them, he thought ferally, as he sped his approach towards the ship.

© of Embyr Koal
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